You found the solution to your website woes in Wix. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, you can customize, the easy-to-use editor makes you feel like you’re a web designer at hear. Oh yeah, and you can do it all on your free time on the weekends. No need to hire a web designer, right? Not so fast.


Although Wix might be a good option for some, let’s take a step back and see where the true value lies. It’s not for every website and business, so hear us out on some of the benefits of actually working with a web design professional, as opposed to just paying a website builder like Wix.



Wix is an online web design platform. It allows anyone, whether they have experience in web design or not, to build a website. It features an easy to use drag and drop editor, so you’ll feel like a wizard from the moment you step in. There are hundreds of templates and tools to help you build your site as well.


The Pros & Cons

We’ll start with the good so we don’t seem (too) biased. There are several great features Wix offers to those who don’t want to hire a web design pro. A design professional is expensive, so Wix might be a solution for many. What are the pros of using Wix?

  • It’s intuitive, easy to use, and the drag and drop editor
  • There are hundreds of design templates to choose from, allowing you to customize your website
  • Cheaper to start (Not long term?
  • The app market has several great tools
  • There are plugins and extensions, including WordPress for your blog
  • FormBuilder and FlipBook are nice additions


There are, however, some drawbacks we need to mention as well. Some of the cons of using Wix include

  • Limited in acquiring online traffic
  • You can’t change a template when you set it and your site is
  • You are limited on apps and extensions
  • Help & Support isn’t really helpful. It takes long to get a response and they’re not web design professionals (they’re a call center answering your questions off a script)
  • You need to spend more on third-party apps to really tailor your site
  • Too much emphasis on visual components and not on a strategy to convert and acquire traffic
  • It’s not scalable for long term growth
  • Not optimized for search engines


As you can see, it’s not all that cheap, and isn’t the superior choice.


Who’s it For

For some people building a website, Wix might be a good option. If you’re simply building a website to provide information, it might suffice. Service industry, restaurants, or building a portfolio, might also be some of the best reasons to use Wix.


In these cases, it’s affordable and easy to use. But, it’s not right for everyone.


Hiring a web design professional

Here’s what comes into play. A web design professional can do so much more than a drag and drop editor can. Here’s what they can offer, that Wix (or any website builder for that matter) can’t.



They can deliver what your business needs. A designer, can scale back or build up, based on business needs. They aren’t locked into a template once your site goes live. They can also customize, tailor, and recreate your site as your audience grows.



Building a website is not just about the design, there other factors you need to take into consideration. You have to factor visibility like being found on google. (SEO) There also has to be a good user interface that makes it easier for the users to navigate site. Setup the right call to action buttons and establish a clear objective that’s leads your prospects to want to take action. You want to analyze your competition and determine what sets you apart from your visitors.



Here’s a biggie. They can customize… With Wix, once your site is live, you’re stuck with your choice? Not here. If you don’t like a shade of blue or the drop-down menu, we’ll adjust it. If you aren’t sure about product placement or product descriptions, they can work with you to change them. If there’s anything you don’t like, you can discuss it, and rework it to meet your business needs.