How to Use A Lead Magnet Effectively

Lead magnets can be one of the best ways to convert website visitors into website customers. But they only bring solid results when you know how to use them effectively. Let’s take a closer look at what a lead magnet actually is and how you can use them in order to improve you website’s conversion and overall sales.


What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is any type of free offer which you put up in exchange for receiving a website visitor’s email address. There are many types of lead magnets, with some being more effective than others, but the general concept is the same: something is exchanged to the potential customer after they agree to give you their email address information.


Why use lead magnets?

The primary idea behind a lead magnet is that you want visitors to form a relationship with your website, which is accomplished when they agree to submit their email address. Once you have their email address, you can incorporate email marketing through newsletters, updates, special offers exclusive to email subscribers, and so on.


How do you use a lead magnet effectively?

Visitors who are willing to give you their email are more likely to return to your site than visitors who don’t, so having an effective lead magnet is absolutely essential if you want to boost clicks, visits and sales. The following is a closer look two major things you need to keep in mind when creating your lead magnets to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Offer them something related to your site:

This is a very important part of lead magnets that most people forget. It can be tempting to offer something lucrative like a free gift card to Amazon or a favorite restaurant, because frankly, a lot of people are likely to sign up in exchange for these lucrative offers. However, this type of lead magnet is not effective at all because it doesn’t lead people to come back to your site and make purchases. Whatever you’re offering through your lead magnet has to be related to your site. For instance, if you have an online retail shop, a lead magnet which offers a 10% discount is a great choice; or if you offer online course books in a specialty field, a lead magnet with a short information PDF that ends with a link to your non-free materials is a great choice.


Keep it simple on their end:

One of the biggest mistakes that many site owners make is complicating the lead magnet on the visitor’s end. No one wants to fill out a giant form or offer up too much personal information, especially to a website that they haven’t visited before or don’t yet have a relationship with; as a general rule of thumb, limit your contact requirements to either just an email address or, at most, a first name and email address.

Lead magnets can be extremely lucrative once you know how to use them effectively. Keep the above two factors in mind and you’ll be seeing more revenue in no time.